Local News: Chrislip Professor Moved to a Secure Location

Chrislip Professor Moved to a Secure Location

Last week, Chrislip College Liberal Studies Professor Mick Williams gave a lecture echoing Senator Harry Reid’s assessment of President Obama’s light skin and lack of a “Negro dialect.” 

“It just goes to show how far we have to go in this slave-holder society,” exclaimed Williams, Chrislip’s self-appointed conscious.  “I believe that we will emerge as a tolerant nation only when we achieve Dr. King’s dream of a president whose skin tone is dark enough to scare White America into supporting health care reform.”

Professor Mick Williams

Dean Marner

And these were Professor William’s comments before the Martin Luther King holiday even began.  The resulting controversy led to a CNN interview with Chrislip College’s Dean Marner. 

“Look, everyone in Chrislip knows two things about Professor Williams,” said Marner.   “First, his heart is in the right place.  His goal to promote racial equality is laudable.  But making everyone a minority by encouraging white students to get a spray-on tan for Martin Luther King Day is going too far. 

“Which leads me to my second point: Mick will do or say things that would embarrass your average probed alien-abductee or reality show contestant.”

Dean Marner announced yesterday that Professor Williams will be on a short sabbatical timed to coincide with Monday’s celebration of Martin Luther King Day.  The school declined to disclose where Williams would be spending his holiday.  “Initially, we tried to hide him at 10 PM on NBC,” said Marner.  “But now, not even MSNBC will touch him.”


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