Local News: Den Mother Warns Against Excessive Kindness To Girl Scouts

Den Mother Warns Against Excessive Kindness To Girl Scouts

It’s that time of year again, and whether your tastes run to Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, or those minty ones, the Girl Scouts have cookies for you. 

Local GSA den mother Lisa Mancowicz asks that Chrislip residents avoid overly friendly behavior when the Scouts come to their doors.  “These are young, impressionable girls,” she said, “and what seems innocent to you and me might be quite unsettling to them.”

 She cited the example of Mindy Arnold, pictured below, whose facial expression hasn’t changed since a middle-aged man asked if any of her cookies were “half as sweet as you, sugar?”  Ms. Mancowicz asks that customers not refer to the girls as “sugar,” “sweetie,” or other threatening terms of endearment.

Mindy Arnold

The Scouts who sell the most boxes of cookies will have the satisfaction of knowing they’ve done a good job for a good cause.  But something far better than personal satisfaction awaits:  a trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio!  At least, if their parents agree to take them.

“We’d take them ourselves if we had the money, initiative and desire,” said GSA den mother Mankowicz.  “As it stands, their parents are the best bet.  Cedar Point is great.  I told the girls it’s as close to heaven as they’re likely to get.”

Last year’s top cookie sellers are pictured below.

MaryAnn, 106 Boxes

Brianna, 3640 Boxes

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