Goodnight, Sweet Prince: Geico Gecko Dies in Chrislip

He was a lizard, yes, but he was oh so much more.

As the corporate symbol of the Geico insurance company, Martin the Gecko lived a charmed life.  He starred in TV commericals.  He dined with presidents and kings.  His was a life most geckos only dream of, right up until yesterday when somebody dropped a dictionary on him.

Now he belongs to the ages.

Martin and his team of handlers were on a media blitz through northern Michigan when the accident happened.  They had just arrived at the Chrislip radio station when a well-meaning intern, clearing space on a desk, knocked a dictionary onto the floor.  And with that, the lizard king was no more.

“He was our ace in the hole,” said a Geico spokesman.  “We have the Cavemen, we have the creepy Rod Serling guy talking about Elmer Fudd and the Waltons, but the gecko was always ready to take his place at centerstage.”

Geico, one of the largest auto-insurers in the country, is expected to announce its dissolution in the next few days.

“I used to see Martin clinging to the underside of the glass lid of his aquarium,” said one of his handlers.  “I guess tonight he’ll be clinging to the underside of heaven.  There’s a lesson here for all of us.  You may think your place in the world is safe, but somewhere there’s a dictionary with your name on it.  Or at least in it, if you have a name that’s also a regular word, like bob or violet.”

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