The Dark Side of Teen Sexting

By now the whole country knows about “sexting.”  That’s the fad in which young people – mostly underage teenage girls – take nude photos of themselves and send them to friends via cell phone and computer.

It’s hard to imagine a downside to this, but a Chrislip resident has managed to take the practice of sexting and turn it into something unsavory.

Thad Malorsky, owner of Malorsky’s Collection Agency, used to separate his debt-ridden “clients” from their money the old-fashioned way:  with threats of physical violence.  Most of us have been awakened in the dead of night by a phone call featuring Thad’s trademark phrase, “Pay up, or I’ll play your teeth like a xylophone.”

One of Thad Malorsky's more tasteful sexts

Now Thad, 48, has taken a cue from the teenagers.  He sexts photos of himself in various stages of undress to the deadbeats on his list.  And the threat of violence has been replaced by one chilling promise:  “Pay up, or I’ll show you my noodle.”

“It’s been a remakably effective tool, no pun intended,” he says.  “The money just pours in.  I don’t remember the last time I had to hurt anyone.”  This causes a moment of wistful reflection.  “I do miss breaking people’s fingers.  You never get tired of that sound.”

Still, there’s no arguing with success.  Or with Thad.  “I used to wish I was a handsome man, but I’ve found a way to make my looks work for me.  Right now I wouldn’t trade places with Pat Harrington.”

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  1. Thad’s about ready for chatrouleete noe. And I’m very impressed with the Journal for doing a story that could actually use the word xylophone. !Ai marimba!

    • chrislipjournal
    • June 29th, 2010

    Well, we were up to the X’s, so it was either xylolphone, Xerox, X-box, or x-ray.

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