Roach Motel Opens Gary Coleman Suite

Stan Roach, owner of the Roach Motel on Route 6, has announced that he’s renamed one of his suites to honor the late Gary Coleman.

Roach has made it a tradition to pay tribute to newly-dead celebrities this way. He thinks it helps guests feel closer to their favorite stars who have gone on to their reward. Besides the Coleman Suite, the Roach Motel also features the Dennis Hopper Suite, the Rue McClanahan Suite, the Brittany Murphy Suite, and the Guy Who Played Boner on Growing Pains Suite.

The Gary Coleman Suite

Though he says it’s simply a matter of paying respects, some people are skeptical. Tiffani Harlow, who owns the Dew-Drop Motel and knows a thing or two about promotional gimmicks herself, thinks that money is Roach’s chief motivation.

“People are willing to pay more for a ‘name’ room,” she says. “A motel room worth $35 a night suddenly jumps to $55 when you put Gary Coleman’s name on the door.”

Stan Roach hotly denies that it’s only a name on the door. “The entire room is a tribute to Gary. He was on TV, so we have a TV in there. A TV with an antenna. And there’s a bed with a mattress, and a a standing lamp with a shade, and some peach-colored curtains hanging from a curtain rod that Gary would most surely have approved of. And there’s a picture of someone I’m pretty sure is Gary hanging on the wall, cut from a magazine I bought myself.”

He says he’s insulted by claims he’s only out to make money. “My wife and I were very big fans of Gary Coleman,” he says. “We have all his records.”

Gary Coleman

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  1. That Coleman suite looks a bit small. We had motels like this out on Jacksboro Highwy that were $2.50, at least untill the bulldozers knocked them all down. And all you Brittany Murphy fans, if you ever visit Texas, find a Luby’s Cafeteria, go in, and order the house specialty, the Luann Platter! Seriously, for real!

    • chrislipjournal
    • June 13th, 2010

    Cool! I wonder if Mike Judge gave her that name in the hope that it would one day inspire a house special.

  2. Naw, the other way around. It’s funny decoding the product placement. Like Whataburger gets normal recognition, the boys must get free burgers. But cross them up (LaQuinta) and you come out as LaGrunta.

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