Sexy Motel Sisters Offer “Bed-Warming” Service

Tiffani and Amber Harlow

It’s getting hard for small, family-run motels to stay in business these days. Competition is fierce, as the larger motel chains offer their guests more and more amenities, including mini-bars, filthy movies, and even mints on the pillows.

They certainly can’t offer pillow mints, but Tiffani and Amber Harlow, the sisters who run the Dew-Drop Motel on Route 6, have come up with something a little more creative.

“During the winter, most of our guests are traveling businessmen,” says Tiffani. “And some have complained that our rooms are a little too cold. How to remedy this? We thought about electric blankets, but that seemed so impersonal. If you were a man, far from home on a cold winter night, wouldn’t you much rather crawl into a bed that had been warmed by the body heat of a real live person?”

And so the Harlow sisters are the first proprietors in the area to offer a “bed-warming” service. Half an hour before check-in time, a “bed-warmer” goes to the room, strips naked, crawls under the covers, and keeps the bed toasty warm for the guest’s arrival.

At the Dew-Drop Motel, the bed-warmer is Paul Furkle.

Paul Furkle

“Paul has done a tremendous job for us,” says Tiffani. “He covers a lot of area, so whether it’s queen, king or twin, he’ll keep that bed warm. And since his colostomy he’s been very feverish, so his body temperature runs higher. It’s morbid heat, but it’ll warm a traveler’s bones.”

“When you come to the Dew-Drop Motel,” says Amber with a smile, “you won’t find a little mint on your pillow, but you might find a little Furkle on your sheets.”

Tiffani is quick to add that this doesn’t happen that often anymore. “Since Paul’s colostomy, we haven’t had nearly as many complaints about spotting.”

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  1. Well, they have been running a lot of “visit Michigan” spots on afternoon TV. They say it’s a happening place but in Furkles case it seems to have already happened. Tiffani with an I? What a whore!

    • chrislipjournal
    • June 2nd, 2010

    “Come to Michigan and get Furkled!” is our new state motto.

  1. June 11th, 2010
  2. June 19th, 2010

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