Imagine Romeo and Juliet With an Unhappy Ending

Some people think that classic love stories only happen to characters in great works of literature – Romeo and Juliet, Charles and Di, Barney Fife and Thelma Lou. But we in Chrislip have seen a classic love story of our own.

Kip Brown and Donna Breslow met at the sewage treatment center. She worked there, he was just browsing. It was love at first sight. Kip told his friends about their new-found love, his friends told their friends, and soon the whole town was following the arc of their courtship. When Kip proposed, he did it in such a way that all of Chrislip could look skyward and share in the event.

Like the proposal, their wedding and reception were also town-wide events. And just as we had a stake in their courtship and wedding, we felt we had a stake in their future as well.

Alas, it was not to be. As the song says, a perfect love won’t always last forever. Kip and Donna are parting company after just six months of marriage. They’re keeping mum as to why, but an event staged by Kip has led some to speculate that adultery might be involved.

Whatever the reason, we wish Kip and Donna only the best as they go their separate ways. We appreciate being allowed a peek into their lives, especially those of us who don’t have anybody, much less anybody with a sister.

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  1. Barney Fife and Thelma Lou
    *cackles in helpless laughter*

    • chrislipjournal
    • May 13th, 2010

    Jule, I didn’t think you’d know who those people were. 🙂

  2. Change “sister” to “middle-aged trollop” and this is rather like Charles and Di after all. Except for the “Yeah, well, Harry ain’t your son” skywriting response.

      • chrislipjournal
      • May 16th, 2010

      Hmm, he does kind of look like that Major guy, doesn’t he?

  3. My old roomate was working on the roof and looked down and saw a woman working on the garbage truck. He zipped down the ladder and made a date. It didn’t work out though.

      • chrislipjournal
      • May 16th, 2010

      Oh well, there’s always the vacuum cleaner. 🙂

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