YWCA to Remove Mirrors from Pool Area

Millicent Brandywine

When they remodeled the YWCA over the winter, it seemed like a good idea to install full-length mirrors along the swimming pool. They brightened the place and made the area seem bigger.

Now, though we’re just a few weeks into spring, the mirrors are coming down, due to dozens of complaints from swimmers.

Explained YWCA director Vera Dunn: “Winters in Chrislip are long and dark. People stay inside, don’t exercise much, eat a lot. When they go out, they’re dressed in parkas and hoods. Then spring comes, and they’re not prepared for how their bodies have morphed since the last swimsuit season. Having full-length mirrors around the pool was just too brutal a reminder.”

Some are affected more brutally than others. Millicent Brandywine, 28, is a lifelong Gone With the Wind fan. “I love the book, and I’ve always seen myself as a Scarlett O’Hara type,” she says. “The petite plantation girl. The dainty butterfly that flits around the manor. Then I went swimming, and when I came out of the pool and looked in the mirror…”

The above photo shows what can happen when a person with a carefully-cultivated preconceived image of herself gets cold-cocked by a harsh dose of reality. Millicent regained consciousness soon afterward. Though hospitalized overnight for observation, she was home the next day. She expects to feel well enough to resume her normal day-to-day routine in November.

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  1. Now I understand the inspiration for those Millicent cartoons in Boys Life. On the positive side, she won’t have to go far to make friends with the yankees.

    • chrislipjournal
    • April 19th, 2010

    Plus, you may be thinking, “Millicent supposedly fainted when she saw herself in the mirrors along the YWCA pool, yet this photo clearly shows her outdoors. What gives?”

    Her friends dragged her out so she could get some air. Yeah, that’s it. Air.

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