Lucifer Suffers Groin Pull

Lex Lucifer performs a cover version of Celine Dion's “My Heart Will Go On”

The highest-profile heavy metal band in Chrislip, the Groin Pulls, had to cancel a series of concerts after their lead singer suffered a groin pull.

Lex Lucifer (real name Jimmy Lucifer) sustained the injury in Muncie, Indiana.  Despite the band’s reputation for high-energy stage shows, the mishap didn’t happen during a concert.  Backstage after Sunday night’s show, Lucifer met a young lady who was interested in breaking into show business.  He invited her back to his hotel room so that he could give her a list of agents to contact.  It was while compiling the list with her that he fell off the chandelier and hurt himself.

Lucifer is hip to the irony of suffering a groin pull while being in a band called the Groin Pulls.  “It’s crazy,” he says.  “I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or karma or what.  I’m just glad we’re not called the Heart Attacks or the Brain Tumors.  Or hey… remember that band that called themselves Syphillis?” he asks with a wink.  “Remember what happened to them?”

Syphillis was a punk group from Traverse City that enjoyed some success in the mid ’90s.  The entire band was killed when their plane crashed in Lake Michigan.

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