Farmer Gives Head to Paleontologist

Del Goody with his best layer

Del Goody with his best layer

Like most cattle farmers, Del Goody wouldn’t know a paleontologist if it bit him on the rear end. But that’s exactly what will happen next week when one comes from the University of Michigan to inspect something that Del found on his property.

It’s a skull. But not just any skull. This is a skull that used to be the head bone of an animal, quite possibly a long-dead one. Goody discovered it last week, shortly after reading an article about another farmer whose farm was declared a historic landmark after rare fossils were found there.

“Soon as I saw the horn stickin’ out of the ground, I knew it had to be a million years old. Maybe even a thousand,” said Goody. “And I knew it was a dinosaur. It sure wasn’t no Earth animal.”

Mystery skull

Mystery skull

When it was pointed out that a dinosaur skull wouldn’t be that close to the surface, Goody said, “Did I say dinosaur? I meant to say that it’s one of them Egyptian pharaohs.”

Now that he thinks about it, he says the skull was wearing a hat that read “EGYPTIAN PHARAOH” when he found it, but that he accidentally burned it, and then lost the ashes.

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