Local Teller Refuses to Call Himself a Hero After Bank Successfully Robbed

Herb Bandrick

The word “hero” is thrown around far too casually these days, and here we go again.

Herb Bandrick is a second-shift teller at First National Bank of Chrislip.  Aside from trying to stand up to teenagers who violate the “no rolled-coin transactions in the drive-thru lane” rule, he doesn’t have much occasion to be brave.  That all changed last Monday when the bank was victimized by an armed robber.

The robber entered just after lunch, brandishing a revolver.  Thinking fast, Bandrick tried to distract the thief by whimpering like a small child and urinating in his pants.  This never works.  The robber pointed his gun at bank customer Helen McGrady and demanded that Bandrick fill a bag with cash, or he’d “paint the wall with the old broad’s brains.”

Ignoring the threat, Bandrick sprinted from the bank, ran to the parking lot, jumped in his car, and drove fourteen miles to his mother’s house to make sure she was safe.  Luckily, she was involved in nothing more dangerous than watching her afternoon stories.

Helen McGrady escaped with a flesh wound to her neck.  The robber escaped with $14,000 in cash.  There was one of those exploding paint canisters in with the money, but it wasn’t set to detonate, so there went that, too.  The total of his haul was $14,019.95.

Herb Bandrick refuses to call himself a hero.  “I did what I had to do,” he says.  “In a situation like that, you don’t think.  You just urinate and run.”

Sheriff Clint Kennedy describes the robber as a male between the ages of twenty and sixty, with a pillowcase over his head.  If any citizens come in contact with him, the Sheriff asks that they apprehend him themselves, as he’s been pretty busy.

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