Local News: Local Hide ‘n Seek Team Wins Weekend Series

Local Hide ‘n Seek Team Wins Weekend Series

Mort Hutchens shows why he's captain

The Chrislip Crouchers of the North Valley Hide ‘n Seek League took two out of three games with the Grayling Evaders over the weekend, virtually assuring themselves of a spot in next month’s playoffs.

The match featured stylized play from both sides, with Chrislip taking the third game in overtime to clinch the overall victory. 

Chrislip Captain Mort Hutchens, a scarred veteran of a dozen Hide ‘n Seek seasons, gave credit to second-year hider Chris Markham.  “That boy’s young, but he can just plain hide!” said Hutchens.

Markham’s gem of the day came when he buried himself in a haystack, confounding the Grayling seekers.  More than once the spectators heard the seekers mutter, “Where is he?”, only to answer themselves with the three most thrilling words the sport has to offer:  “I don’t know.”

Hutchens plans to send a videotape of Sunday’s contest to the U.S. Olympic Committee.  It’s part of his ongoing effort to have Hide ‘n Seek declared an Olympic sport. 

If anyone doubts that Sunday’s game was anything less than exciting, they have only to peruse the box score:

Chrislip Crouchers
Hutchens, S      0 – 0 – F (b-a)
Markham, H       1 – 3 – F (0)
Holt, H          0 – 1 – H (a^1~)
Keller, H        1 – 0 – F (^b++)
Browning, H      2 – 2 – F (#2, res.^)

Grayling Evaders
Moore, S         1 – 4 – H (1[a])
Alderman, H      0 – 1 – F (a+c^)
Quincy, H        0 – 1 – H (0)
Jackson, H       0 – 0 – H (b-b2~)
Hall, H          1 – 1 – F (#1, rg., #3^ ^)
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