Local News: “Mister, Will You Weave Me a Dream Called Love?”

“Mister, Will You Weave Me a Dream Called Love?”

A pre-shorn Roy Gavarias

It’s not unusual for a man to feel he was born in the wrong era.  Some feel they would be more at home riding the range in the Old West.  Others are sure they belong on a pirate ship off the Barbary Coast.

Roy Gavarias looks like he should be squatting in a cave, staring fixedly at a pile of sticks and rocks.  He is indeed a throwback to a time when Americans were smaller and covered with fur.

 “I’ve always been hairy,” says Gavarias.  “I was the only kid in third grade with a full set of muttonchop sideburns.”

Nature has given him a lot, and now he’s giving some back.  Giving some back hair, to be exact.  Gavarias has donated an entire winter’s growth to Locks of Love, the charitable organization that makes human-hair wigs for young victims of cancer, fireworks mishaps, and other wasting diseases.

“I figured it was the right thing to do,” he says.  “I would love to see the look on a suffering child’s face when I point to her head and say, ‘That’s my back hair’.” 

He plans to contact Locks of Love to see if they will accept hair donations from even worse parts of his body.  “There’s so much more I can do for those people, if you know what I mean.”

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