Local News: Midnight Crowd Gathers in Town Square to Watch Larry Drop

Midnight Crowd Gathers in Town Square to Watch Larry Drop

Happy 2010, Chrislip!

New York City may have a million times more people than we do, but they only have about a hundred times as much holiday spirit. And while Times Square has a giant falling ball to ring in the new year, we have Larry Heppelburg.

The tradition began on New Year’s Eve, 2003, when, after a night of heavy drinking in Yancy’s Pub, Larry decided to climb to the top of the clock tower above City Hall and unfurl a Happy New Year banner. To the delight of the gathered crowd, he plummeted from the tower right at midnight, and a tradition was born. A heavy blanket of snow kept Larry’s injuries to a minimum that night; since then, Dell’s Sporting Goods has provided a pole vaulter airbag to cushion his fall.

Apparently a lot of Chrislipians gave pole vaulter airbags as Christmas gifts this year, because Dell had none to spare for Larry. But somebody up there was watching over him, and he escaped with only a concussion, a ruptured stomach, three broken vertebrae, and a shattered pelvis.

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