Local News: Chrislip Kids Get Visit From Christmas Wolf!

Chrislip Kids Get Visit From Christmas Wolf!

The children of our fair city reported lots of gifts over the holidays, and that can only mean that Christmas Wolf was on the prowl.

While most kids grow up with tales of Santa Claus, a different story has been handed down in our town from the Germans who settled the area in the 1870s.

Christmas Wolf

According to the Teutonic legend, Christmas Wolf creeps up from the basement and stalks the hallways, ravenously hungry, looking for unlocked bedrooms. If the children behind their doors have left dead squirrels in the hallway, Christmas Wolf will be pleased and will feed. It will then go downstairs, squat beside the Christmas tree, and give birth to a litter of toys.

As in other towns, our youngsters spend many a sleepless night waiting for Christmas, some starting as early as August.

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