Local News: Textbook Raises Eyebrows on Face of Local Woman

Textbook Raises Eyebrows on Face of Local Woman

Violet Dowd


A textbook used at Chrislip Elementary School has drawn fire from local watchdog Violet Dowd.

The book in question, Lucy Likes Wang!, encourages inter-ethnic friendship. Mrs. Dowd claims that the book promotes promiscuity. While “Wang” is a common name among people of the Oriental faith, it’s also a slang term for a dirty part of the male anatomy.

Mrs. Dowd is demanding that the book be removed from the classroom before it has an unwholesome effect on the children.

Elementary principal Carl Adamson claims that Mrs. Dowd is full of crap.

“Violet has a history of looking for bogeymen where none exist,” he said. He cited the incident last year when Mrs. Dowd tried to remove the hygiene textbook Daddy’s Got a Little Rash.

“She was wrong then and she’s wrong now,” said Principal Adamson. He claims he didn’t even know that “wang” was a slang term for the male genitalia, adding that he always refers to his as “Sarge.”

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