The View From Below: An Editorial by Buddy Fenster, Chrislip High Sophomore

The View From Below:  An Editorial by Buddy Fenster, Chrislip High Sophomore

It was my father, Dad, who first told me about the new curfew in Chrislip, which says that all teenage people have to be off the streets between 10 PM at night and 6 AM in the morning. 

Buddy Fenster

Dad is a really funny guy.  He went, “Maybe you should all walk on stilts – that way you’ll be ‘off the street’!”  Well, when I stopped laughing about half an hour later, I started thinking about the curfew, and a while after that I realized I have an opinion about it, which is this:  the curfew sucks, especially if you are a teenager.

Just what are we supposed to do between 10 PM and 6 AM?  I bet some of you are saying “STAY HOME!”  Well, let me answer that with a statement of my own:  “AND DO WHAT?”  Sleep?  Watch our big screen TVs?  Go online?  Play with our Xboxes?  Use our cellphones to text our friends?  I guess you get the point.   There’s just nothing to do.

We already have enough laws against being a teenager.  Too many laws.  Like the one that says you can’t drink and drive until you’re 21.  This is stupid.  Sometimes I think it’s better for teenagers in a small country like Canada, where they don’t care what happens to you.  Kids get old younger down there.  I know lots of kids from here who go there on the weekends so they can do the things they’re not allowed to do here, such as go to strip clubs, get drunk and drive like a sausage, and vote.

Another problem is that half the stores in Chrislip won’t even sell alcohol to minors.  Some are pretty cool about it, like Mr. Ronneker at the Quick’n’Go, though he only sells to teenage girls if they’ll go in the backroom and put on stockings and a garter belt and let him take pictures.  The guy with one arm who works at Pony-Mart also sells to kids.  That’s because he wants people to like him because he smells funny because he’s from Pakistan. 

There’s this girl name Glennie Mackerson who has really big boobs in my science class.  She is ashamed of them.  Once the teacher went, “Glennie, what’s the half-life of uranium.”  And Adam Kornicki at the back of the room yells really loud, “BOOBS!”  It was so funny.  Everybody laughed.  Glennie got really embarrassed and cried.

So I hope the Chrislip Town Council will do the right thing and change the national voting age to 14.

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