Local News: Clown Not Bitter!

Clown Not Bitter

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the opening of McDonalds in Chrislip.  It was a magical time:  gas prices were coming down, Americans were being held hostage in Iran, and those shimmering rainbows in the skies above our town were not just Golden Arches – those were opportunity. 

When the Arches knocked, Ed Brown answered.  He was our first Ronald McDonald.  Ed admits that his size was one of the reasons he was hired.  At the time, he was a whimsical 3’8”.  When he shot up to a less whimsical 4’5”, he was demoted to Hamburglar.  Shortly afterward, a public brawl with his wife resulted in an arrest for Hambattery, and he was fired by McDonalds.  Jobs in the funny clown industry have been few and far between since then.

To Hell with you!

Ed isn’t bitter, though he admits that rage still burns in his belly like an unquenchable fire.  “McDonalds basically said ‘To hell with you’,” he says.  “It’s taken thirty years of sleepless nights, but I’ve finally thought of the perfect comeback:  ‘To hell with me, huh?  To hell with you!’“

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