Editorial: Who Weeps for Kanye?


By Mick Williams

Like most people, I was watching the MTV Music Awards the night that Kanye West crashed the stage during Taylor Swift’s victory speech, commandeered the microphone, and spoke his mind.  Unlike most people, I stood and cheered Mr. West for taking a stand.  Because that’s just what he did.  And a heroic stand it was.

Let’s examine what motivated him. Was it really his belief that Beyonce should have won the award for best video?  No.  The thing that goaded him into action was the racist way that Taylor Swift accepted the award.

As Ms. Swift strode across the stage in her glittering finery, before a disproportionately black audience, who among us did not imagine her as the haughty mistress of a bygone plantation?  And as she reached for the microphone, how could we not picture her reaching for a whip to give the cowering house slave a good thrashing? 

When Mr. West ascended the steps, it was not a microphone he wrested from her hand, he was reclaiming the dignity of his people. 

 He showed great restraint in merely speaking his piece and moving on.  Perhaps he understood the true irony of the moment, which is this:  Had he thrashed Ms. Swift with the microphone, he would be the one who went to jail.

 Taylor Swift may be a “talented” singer, and she may have “fans” who “like” her.  But I don’t think any of us want to see a music awards show become an event that gives awards for musical excellence.  They should be about rebellion.  And Kanye’s act was that of a true freedom fighter.  An act that may hurry us to the day when the only thing white people chain to their pickup trucks and drag to their deaths are their prejudices.  And FOX news anchors.


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