College News: Music Prof Demonstrates Hamlisch Maneuver

Music Prof Demonstrates Hamlisch Maneuver

Professor Jules Lawe of the Chrislip College Conservatory may never make the world forget Beethoven Bach or Mozart, but that hasn’t stopped him from contributing to the art form he loves.

On Thursday, at a party in his home, Dr. Lawe unveiled a new musical technique of his own invention. Dubbed “The Hamlisch Maneuver,” it is intended to prevent unruly guests from going to the piano and playing show tunes. In the accompanying photo, Dr. Lawe is seen restraining party-goer Al Haltowski, who, after several drinks, expressed a strong desire to play a medley from “Cats.”

Dr. Lawe hopes to secure a blanket patent for the Maneuver, which means he will be paid a royalty every time anyone stops anyone else from doing anything.

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