Local News: Chrislip City Planner Lunches With Bush “Close Enough To Pop Him”

Chrislip City Planner Lunches With Bush: “Close Enough To Pop Him”

Local official Roy VanFleet joined dozens of city planners from all over the country for a luncheon in Washington last Monday. The event was hosted by former President George Bush, in an effort to better understand the needs of politicians on a local level.

Back in Chrislip now, VanFleet is still walking on air over his brush with greatness.

“I didn’t actually meet Bush,” he enthused, “but I was close enough to pop him, if I’d had my gun. It’s something to tell the grandkids about.”

Van Fleet demonstrates the stance he could have used to cap the Former President

He said many of his fellow planners were equally impressed with the way the former president often drifted into range. “Maybe it wasn’t the most polite table conversation, what with the man right there in the room. But there was a lot of chatter about how easy it would be to take him out of the game.” VanFleet has no plans to return to Washington in the near future, citing the high levels of violence.

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