Mexican Chili Arrives!

Mexican Chili Arrives!

If you asked the handful of Mexican students attending Chrislip College what they missed about their homeland, they’d probably mention: 1) the food, 2) those big hats, and 3) nothing. Dean Marner’s administration can’t do much about 2 or 3, but food is a different story. In order to make our south-of-the-border guests feel at home, the administration arranged for 200 gallons of genuine Mexican chili to be delivered here from Ixtapa. Kitchen workers hurriedly moved the barrels of chili into the cafeteria (see photo) to prepare a meal no one would soon forget.

Cafeteria workers

Mexican chili differs from other chili in that Mexicans can eat it while normal people can’t. It’s said that even looking at the chili without proper eye protection can result in blindness or insanity. But that’s probably just a rumor born of the innate prejudice that dwells in the hearts of human beings everywhere except here.

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