Biography: Meet the Real Authors

Meet the Real Authors

Born in post World War Two Liverpool, Rob Hanson and Wayne Moore prowled the mean streets, guitars slung over their shoulders, hungering for fame and fortune, before immigrating to America at the age of six months.

Right from the start it was clear they would have a future in satire. Some scholars have argued that their childhood shenanigans rivaled the side-splitting antics of the Olsen twins on “Full House.” But such speculation is best left to historians. As Wayne says, “Comparing us to Mary Kate and Ashley is bogus. We respect them as artists, but we’re coming at you from a totally different place.”

Their teen years were a series of progressive steps toward the ultimate goal of writing a satirical magazine, if you can call setting ants on fire with a magnifying glass “progressive.” And if you can call spending way too much time in the bathroom after school “writing.” Now they are adults who drive cars and who know, for the most part, where babies come from. Controversy has not slowed their stride. Not even when pious folk in the Grammar Belt burned their satire after they declared themselves “more funnier than Jesus.”

Rob Hanson and Wayne Moore working out creative differences

Rob and Wayne working out creative differences

For all of their similarities, the two remain very different people. For instance, Rob lives on a continent whereas Wayne can go surfing any time he chooses, but chooses not to.

They are guarded about their next project, but both agree that future plans include writing more satire and stalking girls from music videos.

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